The Real Reason Behind Russia's COVID-19 Vaccine Hacks - 2020-07-21

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F375.png The Real Reason Behind Russia's COVID-19 Vaccine Hacks July 21, 2020, Anna Nemtsova, Daily Beast

MOSCOW—Russian researchers at five leading scientific institutes and several private laboratories have expended a tremendous effort in a search for a coronavirus vaccine. Some have injected themselves with experimental doses. They've worked weekends and holidays. Russia is currently proposing eight experimental vaccines to the World Health Organization, as prospective treatments or prophylactics for COVID-19.

But just being good was apparently not enough for Russia's propagandists—they want to be first to a vaccine. And Western nations are now accusing Moscow of scientific cybercrime, saying it helped hackers target coronavirus research in the U.K., U.S., and Canada. (Russia's ambassador to London has denied the claims.)

Special services in the three Western nations have accused Russian authorities of assigning a group of cyberspies—known as APT29, or by the nicknames Cozy Bear or the Dukes—to target COVID-19 research at some of the most successful companies and universities in other nations.

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