The Reclusive Founder of Scientology - 1974-03-04

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F0.png The Reclusive Founder of Scientology March 4, 1974, James E. Adams, St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Hubbard and church leaders contend that he has resigned from the church's directorship, but that resignation seems to have made little difference. In a "policy letter" dated Sept. 1, 1966, the matter was ambiguously worded. Hubbard said that he was "resigning the title of executive director" and was being given the title of "Founder" instead. In his statement, Hubbard said that his services had been voluntary for some time but that church organizations had owed him "considerable outstanding sums" and should pay up.

Hubbard's authority in the church is unchallenged. He keeps in constant communication, sending a steady stream of directives, orders and policy letters to the organizations, and the units report to him weekly. And Scientology messages made available to the Past-Dispatch show that he receives money from the church - lots of it.

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