The Stable Genius Goes Full Fascist - 2020-10-07

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F375.png The Stable Genius Goes Full Fascist October 7, 2020, Wajahat Ali, Opinion, Daily Beast

President Trump, who loves to cosplay as a tough, authoritarian leader, finally went full fascist with his Mussolini photo-op gasping for breath on the White House balcony just after leaving Walter Reed Hospital. The stable genius even filmed a short video telling Americans not to let the virus that has killed 210,000 of us "dominate" our lives, adding that he "might be immune" to the virus.

You know who else assured the public he was feeling great while recovering from COVID after a Trump rally? Herman Cain.

Don't forget just because the leaders of our military are in quarantine after their own exposures with Commander Superspreader, that it was only two weeks ago that Trump, the president of these allegedly united states, refused to say he'd accept the results of the November election, undermining the bedrock of the American political system. In the days that followed he doubled down on that assertion, and then doubled down again.

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