The Stock Busters - 1988-06-12

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F15.png The Stock Busters June 12, 1988, James Greiff, St. Petersburg Times

It may sound easy, but it's a tough, sometimes mean business that involves rooting out the nasty little secrets about a company that management would prefer never come to light. The Feshbachs have no qualms about using guerrilla tactics to find the dirt.

"We hire detectives, accountants, lawyers, consultants, anything that gives us legally obtained information," says Matt. "We don't spare any expense." The brothers have built an extensive network of unpaid contacts as well, including securities traders, analysts and journalists on Wall Street and across the country.

Who puts money with the Feshbachs? They won't say, although New York-based Dreyfus Corp., which operates a family of mutual funds, confirms that the Feshbachs manage some of its assets.

One wealthy entity the Feshbachs say they don't invest for is the Church of Scientology. "We're just parishioners," Joe asserts, and a church spokesman, Richard A. Haworth, says that Scientology "has no investment relationship with the Feshbachs."

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