The Strange Story Behind Canada's Controversial 'Eco-Capitalist' Organization - 2017-01-31

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F0.png The Strange Story Behind Canada's Controversial 'Eco-Capitalist' Organization January 31, 2017, Ryan O'Connor, Vice News

Daryn Caister was like a lot of coffee drinkers in Toronto. Young and socially conscious, he got his daily fix at the Green Beanery across from Honest Ed's in Toronto's Annex neighborhood. A popular cafe advertising organic "fair trade" beans, it also boasted that profits went to the environmental work conducted by Probe International.

For Caister, a 34-year-old chef and videographer, the cafe became his regular stop, in part because of its proximity to his home, but also because of its apparent ethical superiority to the corporate coffee shops that line the streets of Toronto. After closer examination, however, the environmentally friendly façade of the Green Beanery began to wilt. Caister spoke to a barista about appearing on his CIUT radio show, The Green Majority, to discuss the cafe's work. "The employee was the one who told me that they were terrible and that what they were doing was actually quite upsetting," recalls Caister. It turned out that Probe International is a division of the larger Energy Probe Research Foundation, which in recent years has gained notoriety for its anti-science agenda of climate change denial. Since this inconvenient revelation, Caister has not set foot in the cafe.

Tonight, the Green Beanery will play host to a debate over vaccines (despite the science being settled) between a well-known Toronto psychiatrist and Lawrence Soloman, a controversial columnist for the National Post and the founder of the Energy Probe Research Foundation.

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