The alt-right manifesto that has Trumpworld talking - 2019-08-23

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F0.png The alt-right manifesto that has Trumpworld talking August 23, 2019, Ben Schreckinger, Politico

The most important political book of the past year just might be a grammatically challenged manifesto in favor of nude sunbathing written under the pen name Bronze Age Pervert.

Where Ayn Rand's "Atlas Shrugged" inspired generations of libertarians to enter politics, and Aaron Sorkin's "The West Wing" did the same for idealistic liberals, a cohort of young, right-wing men are today gravitating toward "Bronze Age Mindset." The self-published book urges them to join the armed forces in preparation for the onset of military rule.

Since its publication in June 2018, the book has gained a following online, and its author, known to his fans as BAP for short, has come to the attention of notable figures on the Trumpist right. Earlier this month, the book was the subject of a 5,000-word review by Michael Anton, a conservative intellectual who served as a spokesman for Donald Trump's National Security Council. Anton concludes by warning, "In the spiritual war for the hearts and minds of the disaffected youth on the right, conservatism is losing. BAP-ism is winning."

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