The dangerous delusion of climate change denial - 2019-08-11

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F0.png The dangerous delusion of climate change denial August 11, 2019, Joe Ingram, iPolitics

"Yet the accelerated pace of warming is leaving existing technologies behind, and the normal pace of private-sector technology development is too slow to provide solutions on its own. And in the face of this, we see political parties like those in Canada and the U.S. hiding behind the ideological fiction of corporate social responsibility in multinational energy companies, which time and again have proved themselves to be both mendacious and misguided."

Self delusion in political leaders is a wonderful antidote to ignorance, though when it purposefully deludes millions of voters and in the process puts at risk the lives of tens of millions globally, it borders on the criminal.

President Trump's decision to withdraw the United States from the Paris Climate Accord, his deregulation of America's federal environmental safeguards, and his persistently expressed skepticism of human-induced global warming reflect a deeply distorted understanding of what is happening to our planet. The fact that he defends his position by trying to reassure Americans that he is "…all for clean water and clean air…" is further evidence and reflects a failure to understand that polluted water and air are not synonymous with climate change. Unfortunately, many of our own politicians here in Canada suffer from the same delusions and flawed thinking.

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