The deep story of anti-immigrant xenophobia - 2019-06-20

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F0.png The deep story of anti-immigrant xenophobia June 20, 2019, Aaron Saad, Ricochet

It takes just seconds for the U.S. Border Patrol agent to commit an atrocity.

She has almost certainly done this before. There is no pause of hesitancy or doubt, not even a break in stride when she kicks over the jugs of water and then smiles as they spill over parched stone. The water (along with a hidden camera to capture it all) had been left behind by humanitarian aid group No More Deaths so that migrants crossing the Arizona desert might find it and live.

Imagine yourself — desperate enough to have chanced a journey through a perilous, arid expanse, fortunate enough to have survived it so far — coming upon the calculated wreckage of the kindness that could have saved you. One migrant who has seen such things notes how he felt "helplessness, rage." The U.S. Border Patrol "must hate us," he concluded. "It's hate is what it is. They break the bottles out of hate."

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