The power players in Erin O'Toole's Conservative Party - 2020-08-24

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F253.png The power players in Erin O'Toole's Conservative Party August 24, 2020, Jason Markusoff, Macleans

It's not quite a new generation of Conservative leadership taking the reins; Andrew Scheer was nine years younger when he won the job than Erin O'Toole, 47, is now. But the second boss to try restoring glory to The House Harper Built has his own group of figures sharing the glow of his victory today. Not all, of course, are new faces.

Jason Kenney

No other premier placed a bet on this contest, and the Alberta veteran's paid off. His United Conservative Party caucus helped rally Alberta votes, and he used his famed Rolodex of minority community leaders in other provinces to help O'Toole in other parts of the country. The results don't make out Kenney quite the rainmaker he's reputed to be—MacKay held his own in immigrant-heavy Toronto and Montreal areas, and O'Toole didn't get a full third of first-ballot points in Kenney's province. But the premier's anti-MacKay message likely helped give O'Toole the edge among voters in Kenney's western and socially conservative bases. His influence on O'Toole showed up in the new leader's platform: his plan to declare pipelines and railways "critical infrastructure" and no-go zones for protestors is a near-facsimile of the Kenney government's controversial Bill 1 this spring.

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