The pro-Trump, anti-left Patriot Prayer group, explained - 2020-09-08

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F0.png The pro-Trump, anti-left Patriot Prayer group, explained September 8, 2020, Jane Coaston, Vox

What a "Patriot Prayer thing" is — and what Patriot Prayer is, exactly — depends on whom you ask. The group described itself on its Facebook page as an organization based on "encouraging the country to fight for freedom at a local level using faith in God to guide us in the right direction."

That fight has often been physical. Patriot Prayer members have dedicated themselves to fighting antifa and leftist groups in cities across the Pacific Northwest, including Portland. Brutal street fights between the two groups, often captured on video posted online by observers and members, have taken place since 2017. Gibson, its leader, has been indicted on a felony rioting charge.

The group, founded in 2016, has also had close associations with far-right groups like the Proud Boys and with white supremacists. A man who murdered two people on a train in May 2017 had previously attended a Patriot Prayer event, giving fascist salutes and yelling racist slurs. (Gibson said in an interview with the Guardian that the man had "nothing to do with" Patriot Prayer.)

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