The trouble with Andrew Scheer - 2017-05-29

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F0.png The trouble with Andrew Scheer May 29, 2017, Michael Coren, Now Magazine

Countless columns have described newly minted Conservative Party of Canada leader Andrew Scheer as a kinder, gentler Stephen Harper, a "safe" choice for a party and conservative movement in Canada being pushed further to policy extremes by a growing social conservative base.

Yet, to a large extent the views of the 38-year-old MP for Regina-Qu'Appelle in Saskatchewan are more conservative than Harper's. Scheer has signaled he plans to move the CPC from the relatively moderate positions it often adopted under interim leader Rona Ambrose, who recently announced she is leaving politics.

Harper may have been a committed conservative but he was also a pragmatist; Scheer is far more theologically driven and is now heavily in electoral debt to social conservatives.

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