Thetans and the D.C. Offender Program - 2002-07-27

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F43.png Thetans and the D.C. Offender Program July 27, 2002, Colbert I. King, Washington Post

You've got to hand it to Attorney General John Ashcroft and D.C. Mayor Tony Williams. Ashcroft is a rock-ribbed social conservative and religious fundamentalist, and Williams is correctly described as an uptight brainiac in whose mouth butter would not be inclined to melt. But when it comes to implementation of George Bush's faith-based initiative in the District, Ashcroft and Williams seem capable of really thinking outside the box . . . or maybe of not being engaged at all.

I mean, who would have expected that in an effort to help the District of Columbia cope with droves of violent offenders returning from jail -- 2,000 last year, 2,500 this year, 3,000 in 2003 -- that the spirit-filled Ashcroft and holier-than-thou Tony Williams would seek the assistance of the Church of Scientology.

Well not directly. But without the Court Services and Offender Supervision Agency (CSOSA), the budding relationship between the District's ex-offender community and the Church of Scientology wouldn't be, ah, well, budding.

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