This Is The Daily Stormer's Playbook - 2017-12-13

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F0.png This Is The Daily Stormer's Playbook December 13, 2017, Ashley Feinberg, Huffington Post

Back in September, Vox Day, a Gamergate holdover who has assumed the position of racist alt-right figurehead, published a handful of brief excerpts from what he described as the "Andrew Anglin" style guide. For the blissfully unaware, Anglin is a neo-Nazi troll and propagandist who runs The Daily Stormer, one of the more prominent sites of the white supremacist web. The passages selected by Vox Day in his blog post suggested that Anglin is persnickety about detail and presentation ― except on the subject of the Jews, who are to be blamed "for everything."

HuffPost has acquired the 17-page document in its entirety, as well as transcripts from an IRC channel where the document was shared in an effort to recruit new writers. It's more than a style guide for writing internet-friendly neo-Nazi prose; it's a playbook for the alt-right.

The style guide, according to Vox Day, was a set of directives for whoever might be writing under Anglin's name, the idea being that Anglin's army of ghostwriters need to maintain some sense of consistent style. But the guide appears to be for all of the site's writers, many of whom write under their own names (or at least their own pseudonyms).

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