This May Be The Most Absurd, Trumpian Drama Ever - 2020-08-05

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F375.png This May Be The Most Absurd, Trumpian Drama Ever August 5, 2020, Will Sommer, Daily Beast

The federal agency primarily responsible for the distribution of foreign aid has been roiled in recent days by the most Trumpian of dramas, one involving an anti-LGBT political appointee, blundering conservative operative Jacob Wohl, accusations of stalking, prostitution, and the potential hiring of a young conservative with past racist writings.

The chaos seemed set to crest with a slap-dash press conference scheduled for this Thursday. But within a day of the presser's announcement, the main protagonist was apparently recanting her accusations and insinuating that Wohl had stolen her phone and signed into her Twitter account to send the offending messages that set off the fireworks that got her fired.

The setting of the entire mess was the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), an agency known largely as a bit of a backwater when it comes to the government's foreign policy apparatus, but one with a $16.8 billion foreign aid budget. On Monday a political appointee and deputy White House liaison there, Merritt Corrigan, took to Twitter to accuse her employer of "anti-Christian" bias.

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