Tom Cruise is 50: It's Time To Grow Up - 2012-07-03

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F11.png Tom Cruise is 50: It's Time To Grow Up July 3, 2012, Tony Ortega, Runnin' Scared, Village Voice

You're going to hear a lot about the troubles that Tom Cruise finds himself in as he turns 50 years old today.

We thought we'd take a different tack. We've often thought that Rona Barrett's 1984 interview of a pre-Scientology Tom Cruise is one of the most revealing. We see a young man with half a dozen movies under his belt who is becoming a big star at the same time that he's vulnerable, even damaged, after growing up through the divorce of his parents. He was a religious seeker who briefly dealt with his psychic scars by running to a seminary. Bright, curious, but suffering, Cruise was almost the perfect example of a young person open to a new religious movement. Is it any wonder that he went willingly to a group that offered certainty, belonging, and structure?

If that helps explain why he was susceptible to the undue influence you find in a group like Scientology -- which he ran into a few years after that interview -- that doesn't explain what he's still doing in it so many years later.

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