Tools to dig into the underbelly of Yellow Vests Canada - 2019-02-27

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F0.png Tools to dig into the underbelly of Yellow Vests Canada February 27, 2019, Maya Bhullar, blogs,

In December 2018, as "Yellow Vests Canada" organized their first spate of protests,'s Brent Patterson wrote a great analysis of the Yellow Vests Canada movement, focusing on how it differs from its French counterpart. The Canadian yellow vests continue to use right-wing media and are gaining support of Conservative Party politicians despite the hate and bigotry that they spread.

With elections coming up, Karl Nerenberg nailed it when he asked "Will 2019 be the year of white backlash in Canada?" We know the danger that organizing using hate poses. It quickly gets out of control and people can get hurt. We need to organize against it. Here are some groups, both new coalitions and old hats, who are currently active in the fight against racism.

Anti-Racist Canada (The ARC Collective) has been around since 2007 as a group of diverse but like-minded individuals. The members of ARC have come together in their common desire to fight hatred, bigotry, intolerance and violence because of the harm these anti-social behaviours cause to our society. Currently their website has great posts digging into who is behind the yellow vest movement and exposing the internal stories and rifts. Yellow Vests Canada Exposed is another great resource which digs into the underbelly of the yellow vest movement.

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