Tory MP's proposed bill likened to witch hunt - 2014-01-15

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F94.png Tory MP's proposed bill likened to witch hunt January 15, 2014, Alex Boutilier, Toronto Star

OTTAWA—Opposition politicians and legal experts are expressing concern over a Conservative MP's private members bill that would require parliamentary watchdogs and their employees to disclose previous political activities — legislation one critic likens to a "witch hunt" in the public service.

Bill C-520 would require every applicant for a job with an agent of Parliament — such as the auditor general, or the chief electoral officer — to disclose if they've held a "partisan position" in the previous decade. The legislation would be retroactive, requiring any current employees to publicly disclose past political activity.

The bill, proposed by Mark Adler (York Centre), would also allow MPs and senators to ask Parliamentary watchdogs to investigate an employee's conduct, should the politician suspect they're performing their duties in a "partisan manner."

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