Travolta decries anti-Scientology bias - 1997-09-18

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F372.png Travolta decries anti-Scientology bias September 18, 1997, Associated Press

WASHINGTON (AP) _ The subject was serious _ religious persecution _ but girlish giggles echoing in a Capitol hearing room Thursday signaled that some serious star wattage also was under careful review: John Travolta.

"I'm, like, 'Oh, geez, it's him,"' said 16-year-old Shauna Pond of South Jordan, Utah, as she and her youth group studying leadership at the Capitol peeked in to watch Travolta testify. "He's a hotty."

But the actor was directing all of his heat and anger at Germany, accusing its government of harassing and discriminating against his fellow practitioners of Scientology, a religion with many big-name members.

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