Treatment Center Denies 'Brainwashing' Tactics - 1982-12-08

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F43.png Treatment Center Denies 'Brainwashing' Tactics December 8, 1982, Eve Zibart, Washington Post

Officials of Straight, Inc., a drug rehabilitation operation sued recently by a former patient from Fairfax County, yesterday called allegations that they brainwash patients "reckless exaggeration," and went to court in an attempt to stop four current patients from being called as witnesses.

At a morning press conference at Straight's recently opened Springfield office, national directors of the Florida-based program belittled the suit by 20-year-old Fred Collins, calling up three former program participants who endorsed the program.

Collins' father, Fred Collins Jr., also attended the press conference and in a prepared statement said, "I have no sympathy with his claims against Straight." Straight attorney Ronald Goldfarb also accused Collins' attorneys of conducting a "trial by press release."

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