Trickle-Down Antagonism - 2017-05-10

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F0.png Trickle-Down Antagonism May 10, 2017, Jeremy Bauer-Wolf, Inside Higher ED

National right-wing organizations often view academe with disdain, seeing it as a place where right-wing values are squelched. Their interests lie more with Republican student groups, which they support with splashy signs and money to help espouse a particular brand of conservatism.

During last year's presidential campaign, many of those GOP campus organizations pointedly declined to endorse Donald Trump, rejecting his statements about women, immigrants and Muslims, among others, as inconsistent with their principles. But these days, the speakers the groups invite to campus spout rhetoric just as harsh (or worse) than Trump's.

Right-leaning campus groups said in interviews they don't attempt to ignite discord, but that in planning certain events -- like the case of Ann Coulter's canceled speech at University of California, Berkeley -- they simply sought to bring an alternate view to their campuses.

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