Troubled firm's building for sale - 1998-02-22

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F15.png Troubled firm's building for sale February 22, 1998, Thomas C. Tobin, St. Petersburg Times

At the time, church officials in Clearwater said they had no such plans. They also noted that TradeNet was run by individual Scientologists, not the church.

According to state records, all TradeNet employees, including non-Scientologists, are required to take courses on the management and ethics principles of L. Ron Hubbard, Scientology's founder. Scientologists say the courses are secular.

In addition, records show, company officials kept church officials in Clearwater abreast of developments at TradeNet. This included the use of "knowledge reports," a method used by Scientologists to keep the church apprised of "hidden suppression, infiltration, subversion or corruption."

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