Trump's Election Challenges Keep Failing In Court - 2020-11-16

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F0.png Trump's Election Challenges Keep Failing In Court November 16, 2020, Zoe Tillman, BuzzFeed News

WASHINGTON — Over the span of just 72 hours, President Donald Trump and his supporters have faced a barrage of court losses and setbacks in Pennsylvania, underscoring their inability to make a dent in the election results despite the flood of cases they've filed since Nov. 3.

The campaign hasn't focused its legal efforts on one state or one issue, instead pursuing challenges big and small across the country. The bulk of cases that are still active at this point are in Pennsylvania. Despite the campaign's messaging that the sheer quantity of legal challenges speaks to a deeper problem with the legitimacy of the election, judges haven't handed down decisions to validate that rhetoric.

Since Friday, state and federal judges in Pennsylvania have rejected Trump's challenges to small batches of ballots ranging from the hundreds to the low thousands; Biden leads Pennsylvania by more than 68,000 votes, according to Decision Desk HQ. Judges have also undermined some of the legal theories that underpin the campaign's effort to stop Pennsylvania from officially declaring that President-elect Joe Biden won the state.

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