Trump's Evangelical Allies Really Didn't Like Jeff Sessions - 2018-11-07

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F374.png Trump's Evangelical Allies Really Didn't Like Jeff Sessions November 7, 2018, Emma Green, The Atlantic

"I think he's part of the deep state," Falwell said. "I think he's an establishment guy ... It doesn't mean he's not conservative and hasn't done some good things—he has. But he can't get past being an establishment loyalist."

Falwell maintained that he discussed these views with Trump a number of months ago. But he also said that the other members of Trump's informal evangelical advisory council—who are often invited to meet with the president, take part in photo ops, and dine at the White House—disliked Sessions as well. "That's been a topic of conversation any time I've spoken to any of them in the last year and a half or so," Falwell said.

Johnnie Moore, the advisory council's de facto spokesman and a member of the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom, told me there was "widespread dissatisfaction across the board from the conservative, evangelical elements of Trump's base who believed Sessions to be weak and ineffective." Notably, Moore added, Sessions alienated the "more moderate end of [Trump's] evangelical base, who were dissatisfied with some of his enforcement actions, his visceral opposition to criminal-justice reform, and the tactics he supported for handling illegal immigration."

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