Trump Goes Full White Supremacist at Minnesota Campaign Rally - 2020-10-01

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F0.png Trump Goes Full White Supremacist at Minnesota Campaign Rally October 1, 2020, Bess Levin, Vanity Fair

When Donald Trump refused to condemn white supremacist groups at the first presidential debate, many people were shocked and outraged. The outrage was obviously justified, but no one should have been surprised—Trump has made it as clear as possible over the last four years that he's a racist who might as well have made his campaign slogan "Make America White Again." We know this because of his long history of demonizing minority groups and making excuses for neo-Nazis, and because, fresh off telling the Proud Boys to "stand by," he spent most of a Wednesday night campaign rally in full-on white-power mode.

Speaking to supporters in Duluth, Minnesota, Trump warned that Joe Biden wants to "inundate" their state with refugees (read: nonwhite people) and then attacked Representative Ilhan Omar, whom he spent a good chunk of last year telling to "go back" to Somalia, despite the fact that she's been a U.S. citizen since 2000.

"Another massive issue for Minnesota is the election of Joe Biden's plan to inundate your state with a historic flood of refugees," Trump told the crowd. "Biden and Crazy Bernie Sanders have agreed on a manifesto…it's the worst thing you've ever seen. But they've pledged a 700% increase in refugees…and what about Omar…what is going on with Omar, I've been reading these reports for two years about how corrupt and crooked she is.... Then she tells us how to run our country, can you believe it? How the hell did Minnesota elect her? What the hell is wrong with you people? What the hell happened?"

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