Trump Megadonors Contract Coronavirus, Joining Fellow Billionaire - 2020-11-12

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F0.png Trump Megadonors Contract Coronavirus, Joining Fellow Billionaire November 12, 2020, Jonah Meadows, Patch

The prolific conservative political contributors have been outspoken opponents of COVID-19 restrictions, with Mrs. Uihlein arguing in the spring that the media is "overblowing" the threat from the coronavirus. "After these long months, I thought we'd never get it. Well, Trump got it," the 75-year-old president and CEO said in a message to employees. "If we had not been around people with COVID, we would not have been tested. We would have been back at Uline."

Mrs. Uihlein did not specify whom she meant by "people with COVID." But just over a week before the revelation of her and her husband's coronavirus diagnoses, over 100 of President Donald Trump's closest supporters, Cabinet secretaries and their families attended an election night party at the White House. At least five attendees have tested positive as of Wednesday. Uline is a privately held company founded in 1980 by Dick Uihlein, a descendant of the founder of Schlitz Brewing Co. and the son of a co-founder of an office supply company. In 2010, it relocated its headquarters from Waukegan across the border to Pleasant Prairie. The Uihleins have an estimated net worth of about $4 billion.

Some of Uline's roughly 7,000 employees have expressed concerns that too few office and call center employees have been permitted to work from home without a strong case for a medical condition. Liz Uihlein explained Uline's COVID-19 policies in her note to employees. Those with symptoms of COVID-19 should get tested immediately, and people who have had close contact with a confirmed infection should wait five days and then get a test.

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