Trump Releases List Of Supreme Court Nominee Picks - 2020-09-09

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F0.png Trump Releases List Of Supreme Court Nominee Picks September 9, 2020, Zoe Tillman, BuzzFeed News

WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump on Wednesday released the latest version of his US Supreme Court short list, hoping to once again make the courts an issue that even his critics on the right can rally behind in November.

Trump announced 20 new names to add to the list that he's pledged to choose from if another seat opens up on the Supreme Court. The latest additions are a who's who of the conservative legal world, a mix of federal judges confirmed during his first term, including former White House lawyer and DC Circuit Judge Greg Katsas; Republican Sens. Tom Cotton, Ted Cruz, and Josh Hawley; current White House deputy counsel Kate Comerford Todd; Christopher Landau, Trump's US Ambassador to Mexico; and current and former Justice Department officials.

Trump's strategy is the same as it was in 2016, but the political landscape is dramatically different. Four years ago, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell kept the late justice Antonin Scalia's seat open in the hopes of a Republican win in the fall by blocking President Barack Obama's nominee, Judge Merrick Garland. Now, there is no pending Supreme Court vacancy to create a sense of urgency for Republican voters; there isn't the same backlog of lower court openings to fill either.

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