Trump Supporters Planned Coup On Facebook - 2021-01-19

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F0.png Trump Supporters Planned Coup On Facebook January 19, 2021, David Mack, BuzzFeed News

Right-wing extremists used Facebook to make calls to overthrow the government and storm the US Capitol in the period leading up to a violent insurrection on Jan. 6, a tech watchdog group has found, contradicting attempts by the social media company to downplay the role of its platform in the affair.

A new report from Tech Transparency Project (TTP) shared with BuzzFeed News uncovered a slew of specific threats made in pro–President Donald Trump and militant groups on Facebook both before and after President-elect Joe Biden's election victory in November. In those groups, organizers and members alike perpetuated the lie that the election results were fraudulent and made open calls to "Occupy Congress" on Jan. 6.

"If they won't hear us, they will fear us," read one image shared on Dec. 31 to a 23,500 member private group called "The Patriot Party," which has since been deleted. "The Great Betrayal is over."

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