Turning Point USA's blooming romance with the alt-right - 2018-02-16

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F0.png Turning Point USA's blooming romance with the alt-right February 16, 2018, Brendan Joel Kelley, Southern Poverty Law Center

Addressed to a field director and a regional manager for TPUSA, Frankie O'Laughlin and Alana Mastrangelo, respectively, the letter detailed Bennett's perceived lack of support from the national organization, but made some pointed claims related to the racist "alt-right."

Bennett asserted that O'Laughlin "told us we were not allowed to bring Kyle Chapman (the Based Stickman) to our campus since Turning Point wants to distance itself from the alt-right." Chapman is the founder of the Proud Boys-affiliated Fraternal Order of Alt Knights, which he called the "tactical defensive arm" of the "western chauvinist" Proud Boys.

Bennett went on to point out the hypocrisy of O'Laughlin rejecting Chapman as a guest, since O'Laughlin himself was "liking tweets from notorious Charlottesville attendee and white nationalist icon, James Allsup," and posted a screengrab of an Allsup tweet O'Laughlin liked. Allsup is an alt-right YouTube personality and speaks at white nationalist rallies.

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