UBC community speaks out against anti-SOGI event - 2019-06-22

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F0.png UBC community speaks out against anti-SOGI event June 22, 2019, Emma Livingstone, The Ubyssey

In a Facebook post titled "No safe space for Jenn Smith at UBC!" SAB argued that the university was providing a platform for hate speech against the LGBTQIA2S+ community and raised concerns about Smith's connections to the white supremacist group, Soldiers of Odin, who have previously served as his bodyguards.

"SAB is dismayed, though not surprised, that our university would prioritize the ignorant and hateful speech of provocateurs ahead of the safety and well-being of our community, especially during Pride Month," reads the post.

Jonathan Turcotte-Summers, who is a member of UBC Students Against Bigotry, said the university isn't doing enough to protect students when controversial figures come to speak on campus.

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