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UmbraXenu in the browser window.

UmbraXenu is now available in portable form!

Using the TiddlyWiki Javascript framework, UmbraXenu is available in a self-contained HTML file for downloading and deploying on your local hard drive, tablet, phone or USB drive.

Current version

Local version and available version information.

Version: Nov 19, 2015 17:12 EST




  • FrontCite news archive.
  • Tentacle Internet tracking db.
  • World of Scientology calendar with important dates.



Most operating systems understand zip archives. Unzip the file to a folder. If you use UmbraXenu frequently, you may want to create a shortcut on your desktop.

Open in your browser

Click on the HTML file or the shortcut, if you created one. This should launch your browser and open UmbraXenu.

Tablets and phones

Running this on a portable device requires some processor and memory moxie, as well as enough screen space.


If you use the stock browser (rough cut):

  • Install the app AndTidWiki from the Play Store onto your device.
  • Download and unzip on your PC, then copy the uxtw5.html file to the andtidwiki folder on your device.
  • Launch AndTidWiki and select uxtw5.html.

Coming soon

Further instructions will be added for OS-specific steps and well as how to install on Android devices.