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Lobbying Article WIP Notes

A scratchpad outline for new topic Church of Scientology US Lobbying moved.

Useful refs

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Lobby Issues Codes

Scratchpad reference from: Original Sauce:

Lobbying disclosure forms (LD-2) require the registered lobbyist to list the general lobbying issue area code on each form submitted. These codes represent issue areas in a manner that is often difficult to determine. The chart below indicates which codes represent which issue areas.

Code Issue Area Code Issue Area
ACC Accounting HOM Homeland Security
ADV Advertising HOU Housing
AER Aerospace IMM Immigration
AGR Agriculture IND Indian/Native American Affairs
ALC Alcohol & Drug Abuse INS Insurance
ANI Animals LBR Labor Issues/Antitrust/Workplace
APP Apparel/Clothing Industry/Textiles LAW Law Enforcement/Crime/Criminal Justice
ART Arts/Entertainment MAN Manufacturing
AUT Automotive Industry MAR Marine/Maritime/Boating/Fisheries
AVI Aviation/Aircraft/Airlines MIA Media (Information/Publishing)
BAN Banking MED Medical/Disease Research/Clinical Labs
BNK Bankruptcy MMM Medicare/Medicaid
BEV Beverage Industry MON Minting/Money/Gold Standard
BUD Budget/Appropriations NAT Natural Resources
CHM Chemicals/Chemical Industry PHA Pharmacy
CIV Civil Rights/Civil Liberties POS Postal
CAW Clean Air & Water (Quality) RRR Railroads
CDT Commodities (Big Ticket) RES Real Estate/Land Use/Conservation
COM Communications/Broadcasting/Radio/TV REL Religion
CPI Computer Industry RET Retirement
CSP Consumer Issues/Safety/Protection ROD Roads/Highway
CON Constitution SCI Science/Technology
CPT Copyright/Patent/Trademark SMB Small Business
DEF Defense SPO Sports/Athletics
DOC District of Columbia TAX Taxation/Internal Revenue Code
DIS Disaster Planning/Emergencies TEC Telecommunications
ECN Economics/Economic Development TOB Tobacco
EDU Education TOR Torts
ENG Energy/Nuclear TRD Trade (Domestic & Foreign)
ENV Environmental/Superfund TRA Transportation
FAM Family Issues/Abortion/Adoption TOU Travel/Tourism
FIR Firearms/Guns/Ammunition TRU Trucking/Shipping
FIN Financial Institutions/Investments/Securities URB Urban Development/Municipalities
FOO Food Industry (Safety, Labeling, etc.) UNM Unemployment
FOR Foreign Relations UTI Utilities
FUE Fuel/Gas/Oil VET Veterans
GAM Gaming/Gambling/Casino WAS Waste (hazardous/solid/interstate/nuclear)
GOV Government Issues WEL Welfare
HCR Health Issues

Lobbying Disclosure Data WIP Edits

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