VIDEO: Portland unrest inspires $250,000 donation from Scientology lifer - 2020-08-16

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F347.png VIDEO: Portland unrest inspires $250,000 donation from Scientology lifer August 16, 2020, Rod Keller, Underground Bunker

If you haven't been paying attention to the news in the U.S. you might not be aware of the clashes between Black Lives Matter protesters and police in Portland, Oregon. It's been a sometimes bloody street fight with protesters hurling rocks, eggs, and paint, while police attempt to take back control wearing riot gear and firing tear gas. The Scientology org is about eight blocks from the epicenter of the violence at the U.S. Courthouse. It's close enough to smell the smoke from street fires and to feel the burning in the throat that tear gas can bring.

Scientologist and Patron Meritorious Adi Klevit described her experience driving though the area, which has strengthened her resolve to donate more money to Scientology. It's an article of faith among members that only Scientology can address the problems of war, crime, and civil unrest. The mechanism by which such a small number of Scientologists can resolve civil unrest is never explained, but it's certainly expensive. A crisis such as this can be a big boost for fundraising as Scientologists feel restoring peace and calm can only be achieved through their donations. This video came to us from a recent web-based fundraiser for the International Association of Scientologists, which raised millions of dollars for the organization.

I just want to tell you what we're going to do but first of all I'm going to tell you why, right? So my husband Ben is the PS (Public Secretary) of the Portland org works with Jeremy and he's been on staff for 28 years. I'm OT 8, and OT Ambassador. And we recently did our Patron Meritorious [$250,000 in donations] in the middle of this whole insanity when it totally didn't make any sense whatsoever and since then we've been making more contributions because it is so needed. I want to tell you a story. About a week ago my son who is also on staff almost five years at the Portland org. He's a reg there. I live in [?] which is about 10 minutes from downtown Portland but it's a very nice suburb — social veneers, super sick, you wouldn't even think that anything would happen.

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