VIDEO: What Did You Lose in Scientology? - 2013-03-15

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F347.png VIDEO: What Did You Lose in Scientology? March 15, 2013, Tony Ortega, Underground Bunker

In December, we debuted two videos by Tiziano Lugli, a Los Angeles music producer and filmmaker. They were short, witty looks at Scientology's funny language as spoken by numerous ex-church members and a few actors.

There are no actors in Tiziano's new video, which he is allowing us to premiere today.

In "The Losing Game," Lugli has asked ex-Scientologists to talk about what they lost after spending years in the church. You should recognize most of them, including Marc Headley (pictured, right), Jenna Miscavige Hill, Karen de la Carriere, Tory Christman, Michael Fairman, and Mike Rinder.

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