Venusian Trains on L Ron Hubbard - 2008-03-20

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F355.png Venusian Trains on L Ron Hubbard March 20, 2008, madmentalking, YouTube

Rantings of a Madman named Hubbard Episode 3

Batsh*t crazy Hubbard ranting more psychotic nonsense

From "Between Lives Implants", SHSBC #317. 23 July 1963: "Mary Sue gave the cue on this thing. She said, "Look at how hard they have to work to keep you from being OT!" Hey, now, that's quite a thought! Isn't that quite a thought? Hm? Now you look at this. You look at this, now. The complete idiocy of it. Somebody sits up on Venus -- there are probably some other stations around up in the system. This one's on Venus. I notice that we all believe that Venus has a methane atmosphere and is unlivable. I almost got run down by a freight locomotive the other day -- didn't look very uncivilized to me. I'm allergic to freight locomotives, they're always running into you."

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