Violent Protests Are a Neo-Nazi Fever Dream Come True - 2020-09-02

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F375.png Violent Protests Are a Neo-Nazi Fever Dream Come True September 2, 2020, Rita Katz, Daily Beast

It's hard not to feel disheartened as national divisions turn increasingly deadly. For months, we have been seeing armed citizens patrolling streets alongside militarized police forces, demonstrations devolving into bloody brawls between protesters and counter-protesters. But for one manipulative and malicious community, it's exactly what they've been hoping to see.

On Saturday, a Trump-supporting demonstrator in Portland was shot and killed—an anti-fascist activist supporter is being investigated for the crime. Four days earlier, on Tuesday, a 17-year-old named Kyle Rittenhouse shot three individuals in Kenosha, Wisconsin, killing two, amid unrest after a police officer shot a Black man named Jacob Blake.

Rittenhouse, the teenage shooter in Kenosha, was a police-defending, Trump-supporting young man—the type of mainstream MAGA fan that the extreme right sometimes rails against. Neo-Nazis and white supremacists call Trump a "snake oil salesman" and "an ignoramus who makes money for the Jews"—often noting his support for Israel and outreach to minorities—and thus judge his supporters as "MAGAtards" or "cuckservatives," among other names. Nonetheless, once the teenager was named as the shooter last week, the far right launched a campaign of memes, propaganda, and fundraiser promotion on their online havens. They called him a "hero" and a "living legend." His cause became theirs. "Kyle Rittenhouse deserves The Keys to the Kingdom!" as one exclaimed.

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