War of words ignites over anti-depressant use - 2005-06-30

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F159.png War of words ignites over anti-depressant use June 30, 2005, Mark Schwed, Seattle Post-Intelligencer

It was supposed to be a simple publicity tour for the movie "War of the Worlds," but it has turned into a war of words.

The movie's star, Tom Cruise, has been on a crusade that has nothing to do with the movie and a lot to do with his religious beliefs in the Church of Scientology.

First, Cruise publicly attacked Brooke Shields for taking the anti-depressant Paxil for postpartum depression. Then he went after "Today" anchor Matt Lauer for not doing his homework on psychiatric drugs Ritalin and Adderall, frequently prescribed to children suffering from attention-deficit (hyperactivity) disorder. Cruise called them "street drugs" and labeled psychiatry a "pseudoscience."

Now the American Psychiatric Association has had enough and is fighting back, calling his remarks dangerous.

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