We should be afraid of Peter Thiel - 2018-01-12

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F43.png We should be afraid of Peter Thiel January 12, 2018, Molly Roberts, Opinion, Washington Post

Peter Thiel killed Gawker once. Now it looks like he may kill it again.

Reuters reports that the venture capitalist has put in a bid to buy the defunct news site, which became defunct after he bankrolled a lawsuit that drove it into bankruptcy in 2016. If Thiel succeeds, he will own Gawker's archives and all the nasty things its writers said about him. Then, he can delete them.

This is scary. And, of course, it has divided the Internet. Some think Gawker fed all of society's worst voyeuristic impulses while tearing away at journalistic values, or at least that the outlet's clickbaity catering to the prurient negated any more serious work it produced. Others maintain that Gawker could have saved media if media had listened — that the norms it challenged needed a good knocking around and that the website skewered people in positions of power who'd gone unskewered too long.

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