Wexit Founders Are Far-Right Conspiracy Theorists - 2019-10-30

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F0.png #Wexit Founders Are Far-Right Conspiracy Theorists October 30, 2019, Steven Zhou, Vice News

Two main organizers behind #Wexit, the campaign calling for Canada's prairie provinces to secede, have a prolific history of pushing far-right and anti-Muslim conspiracy theories.

Over the past year, Peter Downing, an ex-RCMP officer and Patrick King, a self-styled journalist, have accused Justin Trudeau's Liberal government of "normalizing pedophilia," tolerating ISIS terrorists penetrating the country apparently disguised as refugees, and pursuing an immigration policy aimed to "depopulate the white, Anglo-Saxon race."

Their secessionist campaign is represented by the #Wexit hashtag, which trended on Twitter last week after the Liberals won a minority government in the federal election. #Wexit stands for Western Canada Exit, a movement calling for Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and even B.C. to leave the rest of Canada to become separate nation-states. The goal is to form a "nationalist" party in Alberta like the Bloc Quebecois while steadily working towards full separation.

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