Wexit Separatists Will Freeze to 'Make Alberta Great Again' - 2020-01-17

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F0.png Wexit Separatists Will Freeze to 'Make Alberta Great Again' January 17, 2020, Jacob Pesaruk, Vice News

It seems like forever ago, but it was only in October that Justin Trudeau was re-elected, angering Western Canada so much that the separatist party Wexit was created. In just a few short months, the party has grown from what seemed like a few disgruntled social media posters to hundreds of thousands of followers online, thanks to the rhetoric of Western politicians such as Alberta Premier Jason Kenney and despite the shady past of Wexit's founders.

Separate provincial instalments of Wexit are now all working to have their own provincial parties gain hold in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and B.C., and the Wexit political party can officially run candidates against Trudeau's Liberals in the next election.

But it remains unclear whether Wexit has staying power as a political movement or is merely a Facebook group for people to vent their frustrations about the federal government and drop conspiracy theories and Bible verses.

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