What's Facebook's Deal With Donald Trump? - 2020-06-22

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F37.png What's Facebook's Deal With Donald Trump? June 22, 2020, Ben Smith, New York Times

Jesse Lehrich, the co-founder of Accountable Tech, a new nonprofit group pushing Facebook to tighten controls on its platform, suggested that the two men have a tacit nonaggression pact. "Trump can rage at Big Tech and Mark can say he's disgusted by Trump's posts, but at the end of the day the status quo serves both of their interests," Mr. Lehrich said.

Officials at Facebook and in the administration scoff at the notion that there is some kind of secret pact. And it's hard to imagine that anyone — certainly not Mr. Zuckerberg — would be dumb enough to make a secret deal with a president known for keeping neither secrets nor deals.

Mr. Trump and Mr. Zuckerberg had met just once before the dinner, an Oval Office encounter last September. Afterward, the president boasted about his giant following on the platform. But October was a hot political month at Facebook: Mr. Zuckerberg was in an open battle with a leading Democratic presidential candidate, Senator Elizabeth Warren, who was threatening to break up Facebook and whom he called "an existential threat" to the company. The morning of their dinner, a top British official demanded answers on why Facebook would tolerate false political advertising.

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