What's happening right now in Scientology's independent 'Freezone' - 2021-10-26

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F347.png What's happening right now in Scientology's independent 'Freezone' October 26, 2021, Tony Ortega, Underground Bunker

Yesterday, Chris Shelton gave us another interesting look at what "new religious movement" academics are up to in regards to Scientology. And this time, he looked at a professor who, according to his own bio, has made a bit of a name for himself examining the "freezone."

Readers know that we also have an interest in the freezone, which generally describes former Church of Scientology members who have left the organization and are practicing Scientology independently.

There have always been splinter groups and indie practitioners since the dawn of the Dianetics movement in the early 1950s, of course, but for some reason the freezone gets "rediscovered" every few years and tends to be painted as a revelation. Perhaps the biggest publicity the freezone received was Reza Aslan's short-lived "Believer" series on CNN, when he claimed that independent Scientology could some day become a major world religion.

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