What is Jordan Peterson's new anti-censorship website like? - 2019-12-04

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F345.png What is Jordan Peterson's new anti-censorship website like? December 4, 2019, John Semley, The Guardian

Search "free speech" on Thinkspot – the new social media platform devised by best-selling Canadian self-help guru, vociferous foe of postmodernism and "cultural Marxism" and noted carnivore Jordan Peterson – and you'll find there, among the results: "The Ten Commandments of Free Speech and Free Thought", by Skeptic magazine founder Michael Shermer, a podcast titled "Free Speech Not Islamist Speech" by ex-Canadian naval intelligence officer Tom Quiggin, and several video lectures with titles like "Count Dankula on Free Speech," "What Its (sic) Like to Be A Free Speech Warriors (sic)" and "Banned Lecture: Ethics and Free Speech", that last one courtesy of Thinkspot's free thinker in chief, Jordan B Peterson.

Part Facebook/Twitter-styled social media site, part Patreon/Kickstarter-modelled crowdfunding platform, Thinkspot was born out of a purported crisis in free speech. In late 2018, Patreon booted a slew of fringe conservatives and "alt-right" figures – including British far-right agitator Milo Yiannopoulos, anti-feminist YouTuber and failed Ukip hopeful Carl Benjamin, and Canadian white nationalist conspiracy theorist Lauren Southern – from their website.

He remains enormously wealthy, having been propelled to international celebrity. He subsists pretty much on steak

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