What it's like to discover your employer is pushing Scientology on his office - 2020-03-11

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F347.png What it's like to discover your employer is pushing Scientology on his office March 11, 2020, Tony Ortega, Underground Bunker

We've been telling you for years that Scientology targets dentists, chiropractors, veterinarians and other professionals with management companies that operate as front groups for the World Institute of Scientology Enterprises (WISE). Every year we hear about cases where workers object to being forced into Scientology classes by the dentists or chiropractors they work for, and often those cases are successful. As for what it's like to go through the experience of discovering that the dentist you're working for is promoting Scientology, we have this stunning account from a woman who asked us not to name her for fear of backlash from Scientology. But we think you'll enjoy reading her account…

In 2012, I was hired to work as a hygienist by a private practice dental office in Kennesaw, Georgia. I was thrilled to work there — close to home, Monday through Thursday, good pay for the first time in my career. I felt as though I had finally made it. When I was hired on, the practice manager (who was also the dentist's wife) kept driving the point home that a few out-of-town continuing education classes would be mandatory. I didn't think anything of this, as lots of dental offices take their staff on trips to learn about dental implants, Botox, etc.

For the first few months, things were normal. By month four, we started having mandatory meetings every Tuesday morning where we discussed the Tone Scale, Suppressive Persons, and other stuff that I quickly recognized as Scientology. I started noticing stacks of L. Ron Hubbard books on my dentist's desk, and other Scientology paraphernalia throughout the office. Shit, I thought, my bosses are part of a cult. I didn't know what to do, because I didn't want to be jobless, but I also wanted nothing to do with Scientology. Before long, my bosses called an "emergency meeting" where they explained to us that the next weekend, we would be taking a mandatory office trip to Clearwater, Florida for three days of intensive training. All of us were shocked at the sudden nature of this announcement, and my coworker said that she had her son that weekend, and that she couldn't change plans on such short notice. My boss explained to her (and the rest of us) that if we were interested in keeping our jobs at that office, we would make all necessary arrangements so that we could go. When he handed us the "learning materials" for this weekend of training, it was clearly a large booklet filled with Scientology nonsense masquerading as dental "education."

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