What kind of Conservative is Andrew Scheer? - 2019-08-02

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F94.png What kind of Conservative is Andrew Scheer? August 2, 2019, Mitch Potter, Toronto Star

You can ask Andrew Scheer about where he fits among his Conservative peers and predecessors all you want. Just know that whatever the question, the answer is going to be Justin Trudeau needs to go.

That was the tenor of Friday's news conference at Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto, where Scheer ducked a series of pointed questions on conservative-minded politicos in the question-and-answer aftermath of a health-care announcement, pivoting each time to lash out at Trudeau's Liberals.

The headline news at the event — a Scheer "guarantee" to maintain and increase federal health-care and social-program transfers by at least 3 per cent annually — turned out to be the previous day's news: A restated version of a pledge he had announced on Twitter, embodied in a letter to Canada's premiers.

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