What the Hell Is Going On in Alberta? - 2020-05-07

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F0.png What the Hell Is Going On in Alberta? May 7, 2020, Anya Zoledziowski, Vice News

It's safe to say Alberta is in crisis.

Partly because the coronavirus pandemic is battering global economies, shuttering businesses and institutions, and decimating the price of oil, Alberta's most precious revenue driver. But it's also partly through a number of self-inflicted political wounds that predate the pandemic, including picking fights with doctors and teachers and making cuts to social programs.

Since the United Conservative Party was first elected last April with a respectable 55 percent of the popular vote, Premier Jason Kenney has heralded strict conservatism and fiscal restraint—through lowering corporate taxes and cuts to public spending—and a zealous faith in oil and gas as means to create thousands of jobs and "send Albertans back to work."

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