When Scientology's 'disconnection' is forever, and other developments - 2019-03-06

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F347.png When Scientology's 'disconnection' is forever, and other developments March 6, 2019, Tony Ortega, Underground Bunker

We have some follow-ups to recent stories that we collected for you today. Up first, we told you on Friday about the suicide of former Sea Org member Adam Holland. After leaving Scientology, his father Paul Holland cut of all ties from him in the Scientology way, and it devastated the young man, who tried to raise awareness about Scientology's abuses in Canada.

Adam contacted us last year to tell us that he'd finally managed to write something about the 2013 death of his mother, Denise Byrne, who was a loyal Underground Bunker reader. We said on Friday that what Adam posted was no longer online and we hoped someone could track it down for us. Sure enough, one of our readers did have a copy of it, and it's just as we remembered it. So here's Adam's remembrance of his mother, written last year, and only several months before he took his own life.

Goodbye, Mom It has been five years since she passed away, and I have not properly begun to grieve her passing. The amount of turbulence and misfortune I have faced in the time since escaping Scientology has been unbelievable. I don't even know how I have survived.

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