Where in the world is Scientology leader David Miscavige? - 2020-01-23

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F347.png Where in the world is Scientology leader David Miscavige? January 23, 2020, Tony Ortega, Underground Bunker

Last summer, a powerful national legal team filed three lawsuits against the Church of Scientology and its leader David Miscavige on behalf of seven people who say they were victimized by the church. One of them alleges she was held against her will for years at a secretive Scientology compound, five others say they were subjected to a harassment campaign after four women came forward to accuse Scientologist actor Danny Masterson of rape, and the seventh victim says she was molested as a child while working for Scientology in Florida and Venezuela.

They are varied and serious allegations, and they've received a lot of press attention. So far, Scientology has struck back by asking for sanctions over the way the lawsuits were served, and the church is trying to force five of the plaintiffs, who were former Scientologists themselves, into "religious arbitration" to put their lawsuits on ice. Hearings on those matters are rapidly approaching, and we expect the media attention to be intense.

But in each of the three lawsuits, there's also a particular problem that seems kind of astounding in this day and age: None of the three lawsuits has been served properly to defendant David Miscavige, despite repeated attempts to find him and serve him at either a residence or one of his offices.

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