Whistleblower: working for Scientology - 2010-01-01

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F0.png Whistleblower: working for Scientology January 1, 2010, Paul Sims, New Humanist

I put it to Headley that Miscavige appears to fit the mould of the typical cult leader, in that the entire operation with which he surrounds himself seems to exist entirely to please him. Certainly nobody else on the base appears to get anything out of being there. "I think that's a very good observation," says Headley. "He has this many cars, he's living in this nice place and he has people waiting on him hand and foot. Meanwhile, we're working 100 hours a week and getting paid if we're lucky. Whatever he says, that's what you do. It's very scary now to see how controlled I was. He can definitely be compared to any of the major cult leaders."

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