Who is Pierre Poutine? - 2014-08-14

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F253.png Who is Pierre Poutine? August 14, 2014, Canadian Press, Macleans

The Edmonton-based technology company RackNine had been hired to make those calls by a customer who tried to mask their identity by using fake names, including the pseudonym Pierre Poutine.

Court heard testimony from a number of Sona's former colleagues, who said he spoke of wanting to employ some underhanded campaigning tactics before the election, and then bragged about launching the calls afterwards.

Defence lawyer Norm Boxall elected not to call any witnesses at the trial and argued that the Crown failed to definitively prove that Sona was involved in the scheme.

Boxall and Crown attorney Croft Michaelson both told Justice Gary Hearn during their closing arguments that they believed more than one person was involved in the plot.

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