Why Canada's Right Lied About The UN Migration Compact - 2018-12-13

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F364.png Why Canada's Right Lied About The UN Migration Compact December 13, 2018, Harald Bauder, Huffington Post

On December 10, the governments of 164 states adopted the Global Compact for Migration in Marrakech, Morocco. However, a handful of countries, most notably the U.S. but also Australia, Austria, Hungary, Poland and Israel, among others, denied their support after right-populists launched a massive campaign of misinformation and propaganda.

The Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration — as it's formally known — contains 23 objectives that will help the world to better manage "migration at local, national, regional and global levels." It is not legally binding, which means that national governments are not obligated to implement its objectives. Thus it does not infringe on any signatory country's sovereignty. Louise Arbour, the Montreal-born UN special representative for international migration, stated that "it creates no right to migrate. It places no imposition on states."

Despite the reality, a core argument of campaigns against the pact was the deceitful claim that it infringes on state sovereignty.

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